Cancer sucks - lets help JT!
Cancer sucks - lets help JT! Cancer sucks - lets help JT! Cancer sucks - lets help JT! Cancer sucks - lets help JT! Cancer sucks - lets help JT! Cancer sucks - lets help JT!
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All black hat with a red classic Mt. Findlay triangle & a purple diamond. 

Update: Justin recently passed away and the final funds raised from these hat sales will be going towards his funeral costs. Jt was one of the strongest people we have ever met, and we are grateful we had the chance to be his friend. 


Justin "JT" Thornton, along with his girlfriend Savannah have become close and personal friends with all of us here on the Findlay Team.

After meeting Justin, we learned that his bald hair style was less of a fashionable decision, and more of a result of his current battle with cancer. In January of 2015 Justin was 22 years old when diagnosed with this rare form of a childhood cancer called DSRCT ( Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor ) "DSRCT is an aggressive and rare cancer that primarily occurs as masses in the abdomen. This tumor is classified as a soft tissue sarcoma. It is considered a childhood cancer that predominantly strikes young adults. 

Since January of 2015 Justin has undergone chemotherapy with surgery then back to chemo, and after all that effort and time his tumors did not go away. Justin was then referred to MD Anderson in Houston Texas which whom specialize in this rare form of cancer. In the next few weeks Justin will be undergoing another round of chemotherapy here in Vancouver Washington & Portland Oregon, hopefully in the 1st part of June, Justin will have completed all of his chemo and will be healthy enough to make the trip to Houston. Once there he will spend the next few months undergoing more surgery followed up by radiation treatments until all his tumors are gone.

The Findlay Team will be donating 100% of each hat sold directly to Justin to help him with expenses so that he may be able to have his support team such as his family, friends, and his girlfriend Savannah by his side while he battles this monster called DSRCT, his family and friends will need all the help and support they can get to make sure Justin comes home healthy and tumor free.