"Built for good times, and unlike anything else on the planet."
The Team

Jimmy Findlay Hickey 
Founder/Runs Things
"Howdy! I just want to express how grateful I am to have the Findlay Force out there. Seriously, we wouldn't be here without you guys, and we are forever grateful to have such an amazing tribe of good people around our brand. We go against the grain, we aren't insiders or part of the "cool" scene. We are just a few people who are passionate about Findlay Hats and creating the best products & company we can. We are the hungriest brand on the face of the earth and we are ready to eat. 
That's all for now. Just remember to do what you love, with the people you love. Hot Bread Z!

Sarah Wishard 

Co-Founder &  Head Seamstress
Handmade jewelry and apparel maker with sewing expertise. Dog lover at heart.

Mac Hillebrecht
Production Force  



Savannah Burke

Production Force 

Brett Butcher

Sales Force / Sponsorship Coordinator / Customer Service


Amanda Sauter

Production Force

Delanie Dixon

 Production Force

Oliver Dixon

Laser | Sublimation | Science 

Jake Charters

Sales Force 


Alex Hearn

Graphic Design

Monique Barbee

Customer Service



Marley, Rhino, Ladybird 

The Findlay Dogs

In loving memory

Harold "Fin" Findlay 
My grandpa & best friend. World War II Vet who passed away prior to the company release. He is the inspiration for the Findlay name.

Justin "JT" Thornton 

JT was a part-time employee back in the Findlay Garage. We had spent countless hours & late nights together in the garage, busting out orders. His positive & fearless attitude was an inspiration to us all, and he was taken from us too soon.


 He was a loving, happy, spunky little man and we miss him dearly. 
We got him as a puppy just a couple of months prior to the company launching in 2013, and he was the Findlay Dog ever since. He had spent countless hours in the original living room, to the Findlay Garage and now our warehouse with us. This place will never feel the same without him.