"Built for good times, and unlike anything else on the planet."
The Team

Jimmy Findlay Hickey 
Founder/Runs Things
Howdy Findlay Force! I just want to express how grateful I am to have the Findlay Force out there. Seriously, we wouldn't be here without you guys, and we are forever grateful to have such an amazing tribe of good people around our brand. We go against the grain, we aren't insiders or part of the "cool" scene. We are just a few people who are passionate about Findlay Hats and creating the best products & company we can. We are the hungriest brand on the face of the earth and we are ready to eat. 

That's all for now. Just remember to do what you love, with the people you love. 

- Jimmy 

Sarah Wishard 

Co-Founder &  Head Seamstress

Sarah has been here since the beginning. From hand stitching every pocket in the original Findlay living room, to endless hours in the garage, and now her own department & office at the warehouse - her space is about the size of the original living room by the way.

If she isn't behind the sewing machines or serger, she is working on her own craft projects. She even has a tattoo of her main Singer sewing machine...dedication to the cause! 



Savannah Burke


Savannah was at our opening party back in 2013 as a friend of our sponsored riders, little did we know just a few years later she would be the head of our Shipping Department. She started as an occasional helper when we needed an extra hand on larger orders. That position evolved to part-time and then a full-time spot as we grew and we needed more help. She is the most efficient shipper this side of the Mississippi and simply gets orders out the door. She has since gone back to school, but is still helping out with events. She is a dog mom and the Founder of the JT Foundation. 

Brett Butcher

Sales Force

Retired pro snowboarder, Brett handles incoming collaboration and wholesale requests. 

Delaney Dixon

 Production Force

Delaney is the biggest dog lover on our team. She moved here from Detroit to work for us, specifically to help with our weekend shifts. Because the internet never closes, that means neither do we! Delaney is a crucial piece of our production team and the reason why we are able to get orders packed & shipped out every day of the week. 

Oliver Dixon

Laser | Sublimation | Science 

Oliver is our resident mad scientist. A snowboarder & park digger, he has been crucial to helping our laser cutting & sublimation department thrive. He knows our complex machines inside & out and has helped our brand evolve to new levels by unlocking these tools of creation. 


Monique Barbee

Customer Service & Sales Force

Monique or "Mo" plays an extremely important role here at Findlay Hats. By overseeing our Customer Service department, she ensures we live up to our goal of giving the Findlay Force a 5-star experience. She also handles our warranty & returns department and helps make sure any hats that are sent to us for repairs are fixed & replaced asap. We hope you never have to talk to her because of an issue, but in the off chance that you do, she will get you taken care of! 




Greg Hudson


Greg is our resident sneaker-head and has an amazing amount of pop culture knowledge.

Dylan McKinley 

Social Media Marketing & Customer Service

Based out of the Seattle area, Dylan has been a long time Findlay Force member. You can find him helping on our social media channels like Facebook & Instagram helping handle the crazy amount of incoming comments. The only dad on the team, he can be found skating in his free time & you may recognize him from MTV's "Hot Far is Tattoo Far" 

Rob "Slobby D" Downing

Sales + Production Force

One of the newer members to the team, but an old school friend of the Findlay Force. Rob has been grinding here for a while now and is currently our head shipper. When not working you can find him up on Mt. Hood snowboarding, skating somewhere in Portland or playing the bass. 


Logan Schneider

Production Force

Our newest Production Force member, Logan has been a valuable asset to our team. Keep your eyes peeled for some video projects from Logan.



 Carol Lynn


Originally from Texas, Carol has been a part of our production team for over a year. With one of the best attitudes around, she always brings positive energy to the work zone. Happy to have Carol in our corner! 


Marley, Rhino, Ladybird 

The Findlay Dogs

In loving memory

Harold "Fin" Findlay 
My grandpa & best friend. World War II Vet who passed away prior to the company release. He is the inspiration for the Findlay name.

Justin "JT" Thornton 

JT was a part-time employee back in the Findlay Garage. We had spent countless hours & late nights together in the garage, busting out orders. His positive & fearless attitude was an inspiration to us all, and he was taken from us too soon.


 He was a loving, happy, spunky little man and we miss him dearly. 
We got him as a puppy just a couple of months prior to the company launching in 2013, and he was the Findlay Dog ever since. He had spent countless hours in the original living room, to the Findlay Garage and now our warehouse with us. This place will never feel the same without him.