How to use your Hat-

How To Use Your Hat


Where are you located?

Our Global Head Quarters is in a garage in Portland, Oregon, USA.

How long does shipping take? 

Processing takes 2-5 days for us to get your order, make your hat, pack & ship your order. Shipping will take anywhere form 1-10 business days depending on location and selected shipping method, as well as what day of the week your order. On average the time from when you order to when it shows up on your doorstep is 3-6 business days. We try our best to get the hats to you asap!

I made a mistake when checking out - can you fix this?

Yep! Please email us and we will get you taken are of from there. 

Will you sponsor me?  

Please fill out an application on the "Contact Us" Page. If you are not a professional athlete, your best bet is to snag a hat from our website and show us what you can do with it. We are always on the lookout for athletes who wear our hats and create great content with them. That is the best way to get your foot in the door with us. 

Can I be a rep for you?

The best thing you can do to show your support for us it to purchase a hat. We are a very small company and your order helps us grow. Once you get a hat, share it on social media, tag us in your photos, tell your friends about us and wear it while having some fun. We notice stuff like this and will reach out if we think you may be a good addition to the Findlay Street Force. 

Can I have a free hat? 

We are a small operation, and simply can't afford to give away hats every time someone asks... which is every day. If you want to help us grow, simply buy a hat!

Are the hats durable?

Indeed! Each hat is inspected for quality in structure and build and should survive most good times. 

Can I take my hat in the water?

Yes! But please use caution and follow the directions on the "How To Use Your Hat" page. Always tie a small knot under the clip and ensure the hat is on tight. Please note, these hats are not waterproof, but fresh water should not damage the hat. 


Can I wear it in Salt Water?

Yes...but do so at your own risk - we highly encourage you to wash the hat with fresh water ASAP


Do the hats come with a warranty?
Yes, if your hat ever breaks or is damaged we will fix or replace it for free. Info on warranty -


My hat was lost due to falling off or stolen :(

Sorry to hear that. Email us directly with more info and we will do our best to make sure you are taken care of.


I have a suggestion!

We are still a young company and learning about the limits of our hats, so if you have any ideas for improvement, we are all ears! Email us!


Can I remove the laces?

Yes! All laces can be removed and swapped out for other colors or styles. Though the thought of a laceless Findlay Hat hurts our feelings :/


Where do the laces go inside of the hat?

There is an inside grommet (hole) so the laces go over the bill and into that hole.


Do you take custom or bulk orders?

If you want custom caps or are ordering in bulk or have specific requests for Findlay style hats, please contact us. 

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Where do you ship?

We have free US First Class shipping, and affordable international shipping! Customer is responsible for all Customs & duty fees when shipping internationally