Free Stickers!
Free Stickers! Free Stickers! Free Stickers! Free Stickers!
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We are bringing this promotion back for a limited time! 

Just our way to give back to the Findlay Force. We want anyone who wants to rep Findlay to have a chance to do so at zero cost. 

We love stickers too. Now we have them available for everyone! Show your support for the Findlay Force with pride on your favorite things. Hooray!

*** Please note ***

  • This is a special promotion, limited to the first 5000 customers then it will be gone for good. Simply add the stickers to your cart & checkout.
  • Limit 1 free sticker pack per address & 1 per customer - we check this, please do not take advantage of us. This promotion does cost us money to do. If you want more stickers, simply buy them :) 
  • We reserve the right to cancel this promotion at any time. 
  • If you order more than 1 free sticker pack, you order will be flagged we will only ship the original 3 stickers.
  • Your sticker pack will contain a random assortment of stickers possibly not pictured. 


 Limit 1 free sticker pack per address & 1 per customer. We will only ship 1 free sticker pack, regardless of total free stickers ordered. Additional stickers may be purchased under the accessories section of our website.

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