RWB Mystery Limited Edition Hats Findlay Hats
RWB Mystery Limited Edition Hats Findlay Hats
$ 32.00 USD
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Mix of Red, White & Blue mystery hats across a wide range of colors and styles - we will be using a mix of designs from this drop and ones NOT from this drop, but in the same colorway....we plan on having some fun with these :) 

Memorial Day drop! Designs and colors celebrate America and the individuals who have fought for it. America is founded on the basis of freedom and multiculturalism. It's important to continue to fight hate, and not let our country be co-opted by it.

  • Handmade & applied hidden stash pocket (Pocket style will vary)
  • Patented Stampede Lace
  • Embroidered in house
  • Custom laser-cut wood Clip
  • Crown Fit