September Update – Findlay Hats

Wow!!! Few months since an update (sorry?!) 

Not sure where to start...I guess the biggest news on our end is, we are in Zumiez! 10 stores across the US  (listed below). We are also online at - It is an honor for our small brand to be carried in such a legendary shop, and we are stoked on the opportunity to grow and expand across the planet as a result. Check em out! 



We also went on a little tour of these ten shops and captured it all on snapchat! If you don't already follow us on snapchat, check it out! Lots of unreleased content, behind the scenes and sneak peaks! @findlayhats

Behind the scenes look at our 5 day trip to 10 zumiez locations across 4 states. Scenes from the @findlayhats snapchat

Past Zumiez, we have just been cranking out custom orders. Having our embroidery machine in house has been an amazing upgrade to the company since something that used to take a month, now takes 3 days. That said, we spend A LOT of time running this machine, so it is more work, but cheaper & faster overall. 

Hama Hama Oysters! 




Oh yeah, scope the photo page of our website for some photos from our yacht party! 

That's all for now, keep it strong Findlay Force & thanks for checking out the blog! 

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