**One Booking Per Month**

Personal Video Chat Shopping at the Findlay Store

All times are in PST

Introducing the Retail Personal Shopper! Shop with us at the retail store live on 1 on 1 live Instagram video chat, choose your favorite store items, and we will ship them to you!

Slots are released one month at a time. Each slot is $5 and reserves your time slot. It is non-refundable and includes the personal shopping time & US Shipping on your items.

One booking per person per launch of new slots


  1. Tap the link below and choose the date & time of your choice below
  2. Enter your Instagram account & info
  3. Checkout
  4. Please be sure to follow @findlaypdx or we may be unable to contact you
  5. Around 10 minutes prior to your call, we will DM you a photo of the wall
  6. At your selected time, we will send you a LIVE video chat message in private on Instagram from the @findlaypdx account
  7. Please ensure you have a good internet connection
  8. On the live video chat, you choose your favorite items on the shelf, including custom hat bar hats.
  9. We send you an invoice to pay the total owed - must be paid within 1 hour or the order may be canceled
  10. We pack & ship the order to you from the retail store. Most orders ship out same day, or next day.


  1. 2 Limited Retail Hats and 2 Custom Hat Bar items per person
  2. No limit on retail exclusives, standard hats, dad hats, 5-panels, boonies, standard apparel or beanies
  3. 1 Personal Shopping reservation per person, per month. If you are on our random shopper list, or do a live call with us on a public chat, that does not go towards your reservation. This is only for calander reservations.  
  4. Instagram video chat ONLY - if you do not have an Instagram account we will be unable to call you
  5. For the Custom Hat Bar, choose the hat color with us live & submit the form via Direct Message later
  6. We will be restocking the wall of Retail Exclusive Hats with a couple of hats between each live shopping time, though we make no guarantee that there will always be specific style, colors or designs. We try our best to keep the a nice variety of styles.
  7. Due to the nature of having in-person shoppers and other duties our team members need to work on, calls are reserved for 15 minutes max. After 15 minutes, we may have to end the call & finish via direct message.
  8. All orders must be paid by 6pm PST on the day of your booked appointment. Unpaid product will be put back out if the invoice remains unpaid by that time.


  • $5 time reservation & shipping
  • $10 Clip Roulette (4 mystery clips with 1 limited edition clip, 5x total)
  • $25+ T-shirts
  • $30 Standard hats
  • $30 Beanies
  • $35+ Sweatshirts (Embroidered Sweatshirts start at $60)
  • $45+ Limited Edition Hats
  • $50 Custom Hat Bar hats
  • $60+ Top Shelf (1 per shopper max)

Custom Hat Bar Info:

  • Two custom hats per booking
  • During your live shopping, you choose the hat base of your choice - Snapbacks, Dad Hats, Youth, XL, 5-panels & other styles available
  • After the live shopping, message us the information on the design, thread color, lace color & clip style you want.
  • We make the products, send you a photo of it, then ship it to you with the rest of your order.
    Basic forms are below, but please note they may slightly change day of, and to use the form sent to you during the Live as the final reference point.
  • Email retailpdx@findlayhats.com  with any further questions.


All times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

We will announce on the @findlaypdx Instagram account when the next month of spots have opened up. They launch one month at a time.

If there are no slots available, that means this months live personal shopping slots have been filled.

Online booking can only be done at the link below.

All times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST)


How do I reschedule?

      Go to your original booking confirmation email and click "edit booking. If you need help, please respond to that email, or email retailpdx@findlayhats.com

What if I don't like any of the hats or items?

    The limited edition hat wall changes daily, and while our team works hard to provide a nice variety of styles, colors and designs, there is always a chance you may not find a hat you love. Right now there are over 100 options for you to choose from. If you can't find something you love, we encourage checking out the custom hat bar & building a hat you love, or maybe snagging a hat for a friend or to trade.

What if I do not have an Instagram account?

  Right now, we are Instagram only, though as we expand the program we may offer Facetime calls or Zoom.

Why is there a limit?

  • We have a limit on how many hats can be purchased so we can keep the wall stocked for all shoppers. Because our retail hats are crafted in-house by our team, each hat takes up to 45 minutes to run and this helps us keep up with demand, while still offering a nice selection of hats.

Email retailpdx@findlayhats.com with any further questions.

Custom Hat Bar Form Sample: