How to clean your hat – Findlay Hats

We tried out the most popular method to clean your hat, and this method worked well for sweat, dirt, grime, Siracha & syrup.

This method is best for hats with embroidery - leather patch hats will require a separate method with just spot cleaning - do not soak! 

1) Spot clean with stain remover & scrub with toothbrush
2) Soak in warm water with bleach-free laundry detergent for 1-2 hours
3) Rinse with fresh water
4) Air dry with something inside of the crown to help keep the hats structure/shape

Comment below if you have suggestions for other methods or questions. We hope this helps




Can you put your hat in the washing machine

Sep 16, 2019

Kyle J:

I did this twice. Made it nice and clean where dirt was, but sweat stains on brim remain. Any extra tips?

Sep 16, 2019


I’ve got a similar process, but it works well for those like me who have a dozen or dozens of hats:

1. Fill 1/4 bathtub w/ room temp water and a scoop of OxyClean, let soak for 1 hour.
2. Drain tub, refill 1/4 tub with fresh room temp water to rinse, let soak for 15 mins.
3. Air dry overnite.

Sep 16, 2019

Clifford :

Does this work with all hats or just your brand

Sep 04, 2020

Lyn Mcneil:

Thank you for the hats I got in the mystery boxes I got my son. He loves them the shirt and beanie he got where to small but he loves your guy’s brand so much he doesn’t care he hung them on his wall

Sep 16, 2019


I always have found throwing my hat in the washing machine with my clothes works pretty good. Only if you take it out and put it on something to dry so it doesn’t lose its shape.

Jul 06, 2020

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