We have a lifetime warranty on all Findlay Hats, which means if your hat breaks or is damaged, we will fix or replace it for free.

If your hat is not reparable and no longer made, we will replace it with a mystery hat.

We have over 1000 hats so it is impossible for us to remake many of the styles, so the mystery option is the best option for us to be able to replace any hat that is damaged beyond repair.

Please read all of the info below before sending us your hat. 

Examples of what is usually covered:

  • rips & tears
  • grommets & pockets pulling out
  • button & snaps falling out
  • lace damage
  • frayed threads
  • smashed wood clips
  • factory defects 

What is not covered:

  • basic signs of wear 
  • stains such as sweat or dirt
  • structural damage or weakening over time (it is natural for hats to lose their structure over their life)
  • theft or lost hats
  • intentional damage 


To get the ball rolling, please email our customer service email, yourfriends@findlayhats.com with the following info:

  • Name
  • Description of what is wrong with the cap
  • Photos of the damage 

They will be in touch via email to confirm the process. From there, you will need to send the cap back to us. To do this, please use the box it originally came in or a box of similar size.

Please do not use an envelope or a box that is too small for the cap as that will cause additional damage to the hat and is unfixable. This damage is not covered by the warranty.

Please clean your hat before sending it to us.

Any noticeably dirty, sweaty or nasty hat may rejected, and either returned to sender, or swapped with a mystery hat. 

We suggest using the USPS and shipping via First Class mail. It is a very cheap & effective way to mail hats.  



Send the box to:

Findlay Returns

2267 N Interstate Ave

Portland OR



Inside the box, please include a note with your return address, and any other further info needed for us. We also love candy when it is sent! 

If we are able to fix the hat, we will fix it for you and send it back to you asap.

If we are unable to fix the hat, we will replace it with a new one. If that particular hat is no longer available, we will swap you out with a mystery hat. If you are not okay with getting a different hat than what is sent to us, please let us know, so we can do our best to fix the parts we can, and send back the original hat, which still may contain un-fixable damage. 

If you send us a limited edition, collaboration or discontinued hat, and we are unable to fix it, we will be sending you a replacement mystery hat.

We make no guarantee you will get the same style or level of rarity as a replacement.

Please do not send a hat if you are not okay with it being replaced with a mystery hat, or include a note stating you want it repaired but NOT replaced with a mystery hat if not repairable. 

Typical returns will take up to 2-4 weeks.


We reserve the right to decline warranty requests based on fraudulent, repeated or intentional damage. 


USA Orders: If it is within 90 days of receiving your hat from us, and your hat breaks, we will cover shipping both ways. If after 90 days, or you are not the original owner, you will have to cover shipping to us, and we will cover return shipping to you. 

International Orders: You must cover their own return shipping, we will cover the shipping to you. 



If you are not fully satisfied with your order, you can return it to us for a full refund up to 30 days after your order is received. When returned, items must be in like new condition. Orders after this 30-day window cannot be returned for a cash refund. 

Any other questions simply email us we will be happy to get you taken care of.

A note from Jimmy -

When we started to offer this warranty because we wanted people to wear their hats while having good times and not being afraid of the hat getting damaged in the process. Over time this evolved to accepting all damage, even if it is done by a dog chewing on your hat. 

This program is intended to simply help our community by hooking them up with a free replacement hat, even if the damaged hat is their fault. We don't charge more because we offer a warranty and we are the only hat company that I am aware of that offers something like this. With that in mind, we ask that you please respect the limitations and information presented on this page. It may not be a perfect program, but we work hard to make it as good as we can.

We understand the desire to get the exact same hat as a replacement for your damaged hat, however after over 1000 different named hats, and thousands of other retail styles & un-named mystery hats, it is simply not possible for us to remake the exact same hat for every warranty replacement. We are a small business, and this program is extremely challenging to run as-is, but we are proud to offer it.

We regularly get messages from people who are confused or upset that they got a mystery hat from us instead of the exact replacement that was sent in. It is a constant discussion piece, and we try to be as transparent about it as possible. 

Thank you for the love, support & understanding and looking forward to getting you taken care of :)