Ryan, Jack & Ted Full 2014 Season Edits – Findlay Hats

These guys have been a vital part of Findlays Growth & success this past year and we are honored to have them on the team. Growing up with these guys more or less, it has been amazing seeing their snowboarding skills develop over the years. Fueled by crazy passion for the sport & scene, these cats have blown up over the past few years, really establishing themselves in the crazy world of Northwest Snowboarding. Can't wait to see what these guys can crank out over the next few years & we are anxious to crank out a few more missions with them to create content. Check out their full 2014 Season edits below.


Ryan Tucker Full Part from Fresh Cut Films on Vimeo.


Jack McColl 2014 Full Part from Fresh Cut Films on Vimeo.


Ted McColl Full Part 2014 from Fresh Cut Films on Vimeo.


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