Ski Fever, Snowboard Northwest & More! – Findlay Hats

We are just 2 weeks away from finishing our first year as a company and we are all super excited to start on year two! The past few weeks have been nothing short of insanity. Not even sure where to start so I will just jump right to it!


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Our head video producer Race Jones & I stayed up till 4 AM cranking this bad boy out. It had to be done to fit our schedule & make the deadline. Hope ya dig it!


The last order from the floating home before we moved to the new HQ.

We made the long trek up to Seattle in the Findlay Limo to the Really Gotta Wanna video premier & Snowboard NW Film Festival. Had a darn good time, despite the limo having a little bit of an issue with the trek including 2 times it just shut off on the freeway...Whatever, we made it! We also collaborated with SBNW on a new hat just for the event - but expect to see a bunch more of of them soon!

Bulldog Sk8 just became the newest Findlay Hats dealer! Check em out in Longview Washington!


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