USPS Trips – Findlay Hats


Shannon Naccarati:

Hey I wanted to say you guys are doing an incredible job I also work in slightly bigger company and I know what it means to get orders out in a time crunch (we guarantee same day shipping if the order is in before 4pm) so I just wanted to say I hope your team is getting enough rest and having fun even through the long hours. Don’t work too hard even though we all appreciate it. I just ordered my first Findlay hat and told a bunch of my friends at work about it. We snowboard I Onewheel we disc golf one guy is a crazy scooter rider and they are all interested! I hope I can get you some more customers! Anyways thanks so much guys! From Pittsburgh Pa

May 28, 2020


Super awesome videos man really cool to watch things happening from ground floor honest company with honest people cant wait to order a mystery box

May 28, 2020

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