Thank you for applying to be on the Findlay Force Sponsored Team. 

Due to the insane amount of sponsorship requests we have received, we started the TRIAL Force sponsorship. If you are reading this, that means we see potential in you being sponsored & could be a asset to helping Findlay grow. 

However, there are too many people who just want to be "sponsored" and don't want to put in any work or really have any desire to give back to the company. Because of this, we started this program. If you are not a pro athlete or a major name in your industry or sport, a sponsorship must be mutually beneficial to both parties; the rider & the company. If you want to be on the Findlay Force, you must prove you have what it takes.

The goal of this program is to get more people into our system and rocking Findlay, and provide an outlet for more people to prove they are worthy of joining the Force.

Our team will pay close attention to all Trial Force members and reach out to you individually once you have proven your capabilities to the team and company as a whole.


We will be sponsoring at least  3 of the 150 recent applicants, and using the Trial Force program to see who truly deserves a chance to represent Findlay Hats.  


As part of the Trial Force sponsorship, you will receive

  1. 10% off coupon code, for you & your friends good for the entire Findlay Website. 

  2. opportunity to purchase special "Trial Force" packages at a heavy discount

  3. access to new products & gear first

  4. photo coverage on our social media & blog - We want to help get your name out there!

  5. bonuses for getting us carried by your local stores or bringing in a new custom account


Interested? As part of the Trial Force, you are not required to do anything. However, doing the following is highly encouraged if you want to be added to the actual Findlay Force sponsorship program. 


  1. share high quality photos of you wearing Findlay on social media

  2. buy a Findlay hat or Trial Force package if you don't already own a Findlay Hat

  3. give the discount code to friends & have them enter your name when checking out on our website - so we can track your referrals 

  4. compete in local events & competitions & wear Findlay at these events

  5. rock Findlay often & tell people about us

  6. create, send & tag us in videos of you

  7. keep us up to date with notable events & accomplishments (1 email a month at most please)

  8. notify your local store about us - help us grow in your area in any way possible

  9. do not pester us with questions about when you will be added to the team - trust us, we will be in touch when we think you will be a good fit. 

  10. do not spam anyone. 


That is pretty much it. Do the above & do it well and we will notice & take the steps needed to be on the Findlay Force. The Findlay Force sponsored riders receive free gear, bigger discounts, more coverage from us, unreleased gear & more - just something to keep in mind. 

Thanks for your time & consideration, looking forward to working with you all!

 More info:


Enter this code when checking out under the promo code section



  • This is not a sponsorship. This is a TRIAL sponsorship - you prove you have what it takes, and we will add you to the Force.

  • Use the above code when checking out to receive 10% off your purchase

  • Have your friends use the above code to receive 10% off their purchase AND be sure they mention your name in the special notes section so we know who referred them.

  • Tag us on instagram with #findlayhats & #findlayforce

  • Your discount code will work with items below and all items on the website

  • If you want to chose your hat, you must purchase it from the normal store.

  • All Trial Force packages contain mystery items meaning we select the hat for you. No guarantees on the style you will receive, but feel free to mention a few of your favorite styles when checking out for a better chance of it being selected.

Long story short, you get out of it what you put into it. If you want to be on the team, do the above and we will be in touch.


Thanks & welcome to the Trial Force!!!  


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