From our garage, to over 100 Zumiez locations across the United States. 


Zumiez gave our small and growing brand an amazing opportunity. They picked us up less than a year ago, and we were carried in just 10 stores. After countless hours traveling the country, visiting every single store that carries us, we have met many great friends in the company and had some darn good times along the way. 

By buying one of our hats through Zumiez, either in store or online, you are showing the world what the Findlay Force is made of. You are showing that the little guys do have a shot on a large stage. You are proving that a small, dedicated team with a unique product and goal to succeed can beat the odds. You are helping us grow in an extremely competitive space. 

We are grateful for this opportunity to be in the worlds best action sports & lifestyle retailer.  Past that, we are truly thankful for the overwhelming support from the Findlay Force to get to this stage, and beyond. 


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