More info about our fit & feel of our hats-  


Quick notes:

  • We have different hat fits
  • Standard fits are Crown & seam tape. Easiest way to tell is the seam tape or tag
  • We also use Richardson, Yupoong & Decky, each has a slightly different fit
  • For Dad hats most are Decky, Yupoong or Crown, most fit pretty similar but there are some differences
  • If you have a small head, checkout the dad hats or 5-panels
  • If you have a large head, check out the fitted hats, snap extenders or the XXL hat
  • If you notice your new hat doesn’t fit like the old one, that could be because its new and hasn’t been worn in, sweat in, or formed to fit your head yet. Wear it for a day or two to see if it gets more comfy over time


 Different hat fits:

Our hats have a couple of different fits for a couple of reasons. 

First, we have 2 different suppliers for our blank hats and 1 manufacturer for our custom caps, like the hats with a sublimated design on their brim. Basically, we get our blank hats from 3 different sources. All three of these places make their caps a little differently, and while similar, you may notice a difference.


At this stage of our company, using these three sources is the best way to offer the variety of caps we currently provide, but at the cost of a less than 100% uniform fit. Past that, hats can vary slightly from batch to batch based on such minor details as stitching placement, fold & stitch tolerance, how the snaps are stitched in etc. These minor production variances can play a big part in the end fit of the cap. As we grow we hope to move to a single manufacturer, so we have a uniform, perfect fit across the board. Just one step at a time.


We do have a satisfaction guarantee, so if you ever get a hat that isn't right for whatever reason, you can send it back to us and swap out with something else, or we can give you a full refund.


Prefer a Crown or Seam Tape style hat? 

Here are the main differences between each style if you are curious, and each item page should have more info on it confirming which fit the hat has.