What is done in-house?

  • design
  • embroidery
  • laser cutting the leather
  • hand dying the leather
  • treating & stitching the leather patches
  • grommeting the caps
  • laser cutting the wood clips
  • cutting, tying & styling the laces
  • screen printing
  • sublimating pocket fabric
  • vinyl cutting
  • cutting, sewing & applying the beanie pockets
  • cutting, sewing & applying the hidden pockets


The Base Caps we use are purchased from multiple trusted manufactures overseas, mainly China, then shipped to us to begin turning them into a Findlay Hat. 

We are still a young brand and we do not have the funds to efficiently build bulk hats ourselves, though it is our ultimate intention, we aren't there yet.

Though we source our base hats from overseas, the company itself is based in Portland Oregon, and we are a team of 12 Americans, working every day to create the best company we can. We are very dedicated to that cause. 

We put a lot of pride time & energy into doing this the best we can and we stand by our products. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all hats.