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Welcome To The It Stayed Brigade 2021!

A photo & video scavenger hunt for the Findlay Force.

Findlay Hats are designed for good times. Combine that with the creative spirit of the Findlay Force and we can produce some pretty nice stuff. What better way to test these hats, create some cool photos/videos, and have a great time while doing it than with a little friendly competition and big prizes.  

Each task is assigned a point value and the harder the challenge is, the more points you will receive for successfully completing it. This will be a 2-month long campaign, with prizes & awards at the end.

Version Five: June 19th - August 22nd 2021


The basics:

Take a photo/video from the list below, and share it on Instagram or TikTok. You will get points based on what challenges you do.

Points earned go towards your It Stayed Brigade Challenge standings as well as to your Findlay Rewards Account. One It Stayed Brigade Point equals one Findlay Rewards account point. Points will be added to your account when the contest ends in August.


For a challenge to receive points and be deemed as “successfully completed” and earn points it must follow these simple rules.

1) Photo or video must be taken between June 19th & August 22nd. No entries from before June 19, 2021 will count.

2) Your Instagram or TikTok profile MUST be open to the public for the judges to view and must be your personal account. ONLY ONE PLATFORM PER CONTESTANT.

3) Upload your photos & videos to Instagram or TikTok and tag @findlayhats, #itstayedbrigade2021 #findlayhats. A collage of photos is okay. Remember - post the name/number of the challenge in the post description and please share quality content!


4) You MUST be wearing a Findlay hat in every photo and/or video submitted. If you are doing a challenge where you could lose your hat, make sure you have your laces down and tied properly for water sports. [update 7/20] If you are doing a challenge where you can't wear a hat for whatever reason, just having the hat in the photo is fine. Check out for more info on how to use your hat.

5) Each challenge can only be completed once per contestant.

6) Do not put yourself or others in danger. Do not do anything illegal. We are not liable for your actions. No cash value is given to any prizes.

7) All entries must be submitted by midnight Pacific Time on August 22nd. Each entry will be reviewed by a panel of judges from Findlay Hats and gone through with a fine-toothed comb.

8) No teams this year, however we highly encourage to do these with some friends so you can all get the points.

9) Questions must be posted below or emailed to please do not email general customer service with questions about the ISB.

The points will be tallied up and the standings updated via the @Itstayedbrigade Instagram and on this page at the halfway point, and the end.

If you follow the above rules, you will be given a score on the post within 2 weeks of the contest ending.




  1. Trampoline backflip - 75 points
  2. Top of a ferris wheel - 75 points
  3. Roller coaster- 75 points
  4. Snowball to the face - 75 points
  5. Top of a mountain - 300 points
  6. At a waterfall - 75 points
  7. In your favorite costume - 75 points
  8. At a beautiful campsite - 75 points
  9. Pie to the face - 75 points
  10. Jumping into water- 75 points
  11. Snowboarding - 150 points
  12. "FREESTYLE CHALLENGE" (Do something cool not listed in a Findlay hat) - 100 points
  13. Bird on your head - 75 points
  14. Zip lining - 150 points
  15. Riding a horse - 75 points
  16. Riding a human, like a horse - must be racing another duo- 75 points
  17. Hat on a dog - 75 points
  18. Hat on a dog that is doing a trick - 150 points
  19. Sticking your head out of a sun roof - 75 points
  20. Sticking your head out of an exotic cars sunroof - 150 points
  21. Dancing in the middle of a food court - 30 seconds minimum, music optional - 400 points
  22. Next to a Rolls Royce Phantom - 300 points
  23. On a mechanical bull - 150 points
  24. Grandpa/Grandma or anyone over 70 wearing a Findlay hat with the laces down - 150 points
  25. While waterskiing, wakeboarding, or wake surfing - 75 points
  26. Slow motion water balloon to the face - 150 points
  27. At a scenic viewpoints with your city in the background - 75 points
  28. Shooting a bow - 75 points
  29. Stand up Paddle boarding- 75 points
  30. In a Hot air balloon - 400 points
  31. Parachute or similar - 300 points
  32. Rock climbing - 100 points
  33. Bake a Findlay themed cake- 400 points
  34. Urban exploring - 75 points
  35. Top of a tall building - 75 points
  36. Underwater - 75 points
  37. With your favorite local business owner (Tag them & their business!) - 400 points
  38. With a bag of trash cleaned up from a public place (before & after photo required) - 300 points
  39. Getting covered in Silly String - full can - 150 points
  40. Kiteboarding - 75 points
  41. While in a tree - 75 points
  42. Eating a free sample at a grocery store, with the employee - 75 points
  43. Bungee jumping - 300 points
  44. Posing like a boy band - 150 points
  45. On a train - 75 points
  46. Kayaking rapids - 300 points
  47. Fishing (ideally with the biggest fish you caught) - 200 points
  48. Superman seat grab on anything cool - 150 points
  49. On stage at a decent sized concert - 150 points
  50. Stage diving - 400 points
  51. With a monkey - 150 points
  52. Fish slap - 200 points
  53. Working in a garden - 75 points
  54. With a dolphin encounter - 150 points
  55. Breakdancing - 75 points
  56. In a helicopter - 300 points
  57. On a unicycle - 75 points
  58. Flatland BMX - 150 points
  59. While running a 5k or longer race - 150 points
  60. Confetti to the face - 75 points
  61. Waterslide 75 points
  62. In the middle of a library - 75 points
  63. While competing in a 72 ounce steak challenge - 150 points
  64. While competing in a hot wing challenge - 75 points
  65. At the most exciting location in your hometown - 75 points
  66. On the head of your towns Mayor - 300 points
  67. Balancing something difficult on your head- 75 points
  68. Getting blasted with a water gun - 75 points
  69. At a Rodeo saying "This is my first Rodeo!" at least 3x times, in front of the crowd - 300 points
  70. Downhill luge/downhill carts (on a track) - 150 points
  71. Buy a beverage and chug it next to the cash register - 150 points
  72. Jumping over a cactus - 150 points
  73. Rafting with friends - 150 points
  74. With a "Findlay" street or location sign - 100 points
  75. On the bow of a large ship - 150 points
  76. Next to a Giraffe - 75 points
  77. Laces engaged in extreme wind (video)- 100 points
  78. With the mascot of a sports team - 75 points
  79. Outside of a store that carries Findlay - 75 points
  80. Outside of a store that collaborated with Findlay (Tag them too!) - 150 points
  81. On an exotic animal - 75 points
  82. Next to a very long, straight road - 75 points
  83. Middle of the desert - 75 points
  84. In a forest - 75 points
  85. On a beautiful beach - 75 points
  86. In a bee suit, surrounded by bees (hat on the outside of suit) 400 points
  87. Next to the "Welcome to [state name] State" sign - 75 points per state, multiple states is okay
  88. Throw a ping pong ball into a hat from 20ft or further - 100 points
  89. Photo with a real rainbow in the background - 125 points
  90. With a group of puppies - 75 points
  91. With an Olympic Athlete - 75 points & 300 points for gold medalist
  92. Make the Findlay Logo...with findlay hats 150 points
  93. While holding a hunting falcon - 150 points
  94. Running down a city block waving a Findlay Flag - 200 points
  95. Photo with a Findlay Dog - 75 Points
  96. At a Findlay Hats Event Booth - 150 points
  97. With 10 hats stacked on your head - 150 points
  98. At the Findlay Hats Retail store - 100 points
  99. Eating a chili dog the size of your head - 75 points
  100. Get your photo featured on the MAIN @Findlay Instagram page (Not story, actual page post) - 500 points




  1. Buried up to your neck in sand/dirt- 300 Points
  2. While volunteering at a food bank/shelter - 500 Points
  3. On the podium of a event you won - must be official, sanctioned event - 500 Points
  4. Photo of you on the Jumbotron at a major event - 500 Points
  5. Trade Hats with another Findlay Force Member in Person - 200 Points
  6. Scuba diving with cool fish nearby - 500 Points
  7. On the head of a uniformed fire fighter - 500 Points
  8. At one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world - 500 points (for each)
  9. On top of one of the top 10 tallest buildings in the world - 500 points
  10. With someone famous, judges will determine what qualifies that - 500 Points
  11. Pay It Forward - buy the person behind you in a drive-thru lines meal - 500 points
  12. Make a funny Findlay commercial - 600 points



  1. Get a Findlay triangle (or other logo of ours) tattoo. 2 inches or bigger & done professionally - 2000 It Stayed Brigade Points and 5000 Points to your Findlay Rewards Account. Past tattoo members get an automatic 500 It Stayed Brigade points but you must post a photo of it for points.
    Here is a file of logos you can use to give to your tattoo artist. Any complete Findlay logo is acceptable. If you want another design not in the link below, we are unable to send additional files to use, so a photo of the design will have to do. Findlay logos for tattoo
  2. Skydiving - 1000 Points
  3. Findlay Logo written by a plane in the sky - 2000 points
  4. Make the Findlay Logo outline with a group of at least 20 people - 1000 points
  5. Additional challenges may be added at a later date


All points earned can be used on your Findlay rewards account to put towards Findlay gear & hats, as well as points are the only way to get the It Stayed Brigade limited Edition Hat.


All points added to your Findlay Rewards account, 1 It Stayed Brigade point = 1 reward point. Points will be added once the contest ends and can be used on any rewards on the website, not just It Stayed Brigade gear.

It Stayed Brigade custom gear

  • It Stayed Brigade Limited Edition Hat - 3000 Findlay Rewards Points
  • It Stayed Brigade Limited Edition Shirt - ~1500 Findlay Rewards Points
  • It Stayed Brigade Limited Edition Pin - TBD

    Note: These prizes will only be available to ISB participants, and will be unavailable for those who do not compete. That said, all points do not have to come from the ISB points earned. Standard Rewards Points can be used towards it.


1st Place

  • 1 of 1 It Stayed Brigade Champions hat
  • 1 of 1 custom hat - full embroidery or leather patch
  • $500 Findlay Store Credit

2nd Place

  • 1 of 1 It Stayed Brigade Runners up hat
  • $300 Findlay Store Credit


3rd Place

  • 1 of 1 It Stayed Brigade 3rd place hat
  • $150 in Findlay Store Credit


Voted by our judges:

These points do not go towards your total score, just direct to your rewards account. There may be additional bonus points for cool photos that don't necessarily win, but are awesome to see.

Best Photo:

We hope to see some cool photos this year! Snapshots are cool, but some high quality, bad ass photos would be awesome.

3000 Findlay Rewards Points added to your account and a Limited Edition ISB Hat.

Best video:

3000 Findlay Rewards Points added to your account and a Limited Edition ISB Hat

Force choice - We will let the Findlay Force choose from a selection of runner-ups.

$100 Store credit


Post below



Please do not email general customer service with questions about the ISB :)

Important links:

Check out past It Stayed Brigade entries:
Past Entries #itstayedbrigade

This years current entries:
2021 Entries #itstayedbrigade2021

Official It Stayed Brigade Instagram Account:

That is all!

Hope you have some fun with this contest - we are excited to see what you come up with!



Rules & regulations & other fun stuff:

Some of the above challenges may be considered dangerous or contain a hazard to ones health. Findlay Hats does not condone or suggest any dangerous or illegal actions or activities. Do not attempt any of the above if they are outside of your skill level or you are not a trained professional. Do not break any laws or ordinances while doing these challenge.

We encourage the use of a helmet with many of these stunts and points will count if you are wearing a hat under the helmet. We are not responsible for any injuries or damage caused while attempting to do any of the above stated challenges. By participating you acknowledge the above and agree to it.

Photos used in this contest may be used by Findlay Hats for social media sharing however copyright owner will be notified prior to any other use of your photographs for additional use.

If your hat is damaged during the tests, to discuss the warranty options.

We reserve the right to alter or change the prizes & entries at any time. No cash value may be exchanged for prizes. Entry void where prohibited.


Chance Lane:

Whered the handstand on a Skateboard challenge go?

Jun 21, 2021

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