Welcome to the Findlay Force!

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Built for good times.

Welcome to the Findlay Force!

Here is a quick run down on who we are,

and what we are all about.  

3 reasons why we are unlike other hats-

Patented Stampede Laces - keep your hat on your head for good times
Lifetime Warranty - We fix of replace damaged hats for free
Hidden Pocket - Great for some spare cash, business card & more

Why Findlay?

Patented Stampede Laces - Lifetime Warranty - Hidden Pocket

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Our most popular hat styles, great for your first Findlay Hat.

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10 Years Of Good Times: Join our 100k+ Strong Community

Trusted worldwide - Graphic with brands on them such as Zumiez, ESPN, Jarritos, Portladn Trail Blazers, 7ELEVEN, X-Games, Flamin Hot
Snowboarder holding snowboard

Limited Edition Styles

Because we do so much production in house, we are able to make some pretty cool limited edition hats each week.

Here are some of our recent favorites -

Skateboarder doing a handplant

Our Favorite Dad Hats

A more relaxed, chill fit, these bent bill ball caps are ready for good times - and great for both small & larger heads!

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We are your friends at Findlay Hats and we got your back for life!

We started in a living room, grew to a garage and now have our own warehouse, store & a community of over 100k strong.

No investors, no famous people rocking our hats, just lots of hard work and a great community.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Findlay Hats LLC

2267 N Interstate Ave
Portland, Oregon, 97227