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Findlay Hats
Stash Pocket

Hidden pocket

Great for some extra cash, ID, Sandwich shop loyalty card, etc

Modified in house

We do a large portion of our production ourselves right here in Portland, Oregon.

Modified In-house
Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products

That's why we offer a lifetime warranty on all hats. If anything ever happens to it, including a dog eating your hat, we will fix or replace it for free.

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Exosso Hats Findlay Hats

Findlay Hats


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Findlay Hats

Mystery Box - 6 Item

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Findlay Hats


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Findlay Hats

Dad Hat

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Findlay Hats

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Findlay Hats

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Airwave Hats Findlay Hats

Findlay Hats


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